1 Hour Documentary – BBC World Service: Boy for Rent

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BBC World Service Documentary

Boy for Rent


Boy for Rent BBC radio documentary – Mobeen Azhar – Josh Brandon


Yayyy we did it! About 2 years in the making and originally filming for TV then for radio in the last few months. The Boy for Rent documentary is finally here and I’m so excited and more than happy to have the BBC World Service audience of 180 million listeners worldwide!

Big thank you to Mobeen Azhar for making a rounded documentary showing the many sides of our business and allowing me to show my perspective and having a curious outsider looking in type attitude.

It’s been a blessing working with Mobeen and from the feedback so far I’m glad to say that a lot of escorts and our customers have taken something positive from the documentary and if we can keep shedding the light all that dark and murky stuff clears up and the one’s who may feel shame won’t have to worry about that nonsense. 


The full 55 minute: Boy for Rent Documentary will air globally via BBC World Service on January 11th at 9.06AM, GMT.

 The show broadcasts the next evening Sunday the 12th, at 20.06, GMT… Make sure, you are tuned in and turned on  Smile


* The documentary also aired on US National radio – NPR in the USA !!


Click the following link to listen on BBC iPlayer and don’t forget to… Download on iTunes



Also a big thank you to all the people, literally countless people all over the world who emailed or messaged me in one way or another. Escorts and clients and many other people unconnected to the business, males and females, older and young everyone who sent kind words and enjoyed the program. Much love and thanks for the support xXx


And to all the other kind of people who had less than nice things to say… Thanks for the fuel that makes it easier for me to keep being me 🙂


Check the BBC News Articles and the Radio Interviews previewing the documentary


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