BBC News – Gay Escorts Rebranding Prostitution

January 5th, 2014 Posted by All, Interviews 1 comment

BBC News Article – Escorts Re-branding male prostitution

The Article: BBC News – The escorts who want to rebrand male prostitution as a business
 featured on the homepage of the BBC News site and led to my website crashing on and off for several days with all the visitors coming in! Which is partly why I needed to build this new site 🙂

I woke up in the morning at 3am to my phone going mad with txt’s and calls and emails from old friends, ex boy friends and even one of my favourite celebrities (who I won’t name) congratulating me on the article.

It was so hard to get back to sleep and the next day I was heading to the BBC studios or broadcasting house for a radio interview on 5 Live investigates. I stupidly decided to take the tube without thinking of all the people who got in touch to say they seen me on the article.

The tube journey was fun with at least a few people blatantly starring at me as if to say that’s the one, that’s that escort boy who’s on a mission to legitimize the sex industry lol.


I was told with authority that the article was the most read news piece of the day and one of the most shared across the BBC news site, as in the worlds most visited news site with 80 million plus visitors daily or something crazy like that!


BBC news - gay escorts rebrand

Since the article went out it has been on a national newspaper in Brazil,
 the Russians had a taste, it’s been translated in to Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, tons of languages and I keep getting emails from all over the world, I wouldn’t know about most of these if I didn’t so thank you everyone who sent me these…

The International one’s that people sent me links to…

BBC Russia gay escort -Josh Brandon
BBC Mundo spain - Josh BrandonBBC Brasil - Brazil - Josh Brandon gay escort Josh Brandon - UOL Noticias - gay escort bbcViatnemese Article - Josh Brandon - gay escort Viatnemese BBC escortJosh Brandon gay escort interview newsSpanish - Josh brandon gay escort - model interviewJosh Brandon - gay escort - male model News spanish

The documentary Boy for Rent and Radio interviews  to go with this article 🙂


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