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If you can’t always be in my bed… You can always be in my bedding



Sooooo I got my new bed spread delivered to my door straight out of Rome! After being asked by the Italian based luxury bedding company to give my verdict.
The bed spread including the duvet cover, two pillow cases, the duvet itself and small cushion cases came when I was contacted by a company who asked me if I would review their products…

Luxury duvet set Italian designer

  … And if I like them, to share with my clients. I was asked which set I wanted to choose from their collection I wanted them all so with some hesitation. I finally made a decision and within a few days the bedroom set arrived, packaged neatly in a big box.


Luxuty Duvet set - Italian made

I opened the package to see the designer bedding was even placed in quality bags with tags and labels that I expect to see on Versace and Gucci jeans, but was surprised to see on a bed spread, even though I just named two Italian couture clothing designers!

Italian designer duvet bed spread

My verdict: I am over the moon and more than happy to endorse their brand and give my thumbs up and my big toes up, the thumbs alone just won’t cut it!

I was blown away when I opened the package, I can honestly say I’ve never seen this kind of quality and as beautiful a bed spread before and I always thought I shop pretty damn well!

The presentation is second to none, the effort put in to the packaging containing the bedding is like nothing I’ve seen, it beats any duvet set e-bay or amazon has sent me. I’ll be keeping the duvets bag to hold some of my best clothes in when I travel.

Luxury duvet set - Italian bed spread 

The feel of the duvet cover and pillow cases is heavenly to sleep with and for other activities it’s divine Tongue out the duvet is not so heavy as my last one still very warm and is much more comfortable and the last one cost me a fortune!

I am almost tempted to put the set away and get out my old bed clothes when I get busy or have guests to keep it smelling and feeling as gorgeous as it does Wink that would defeat the point of them sending me the bed set and I wouldn’t deprive people of seeing it up close. I told them when sending “if I agree with you that I will love your bedding products as much as you say, then I will review them and share them with my clients” and I silently said to myself, “if I don’t agree, don’t ask me to send it back because I can’t be queuing at the post office with a box of bed clothes” Wink

 Italian designer duvet setLuxury Italian bed spread

 It turns out they were right. I am in love with their bedding products and I fully expect that all my future bed spreads will come from Rome and this company. The luxury speaks for itself and makes a big difference to the quality of bedroom sleep time and bedroom fun time Wink when I wrap myself up at night and feel the sheets around my body and drift off to sleep feeling comfort that high street brands just can not come close to.

Being the business boy that I am, I came to a deal with the company that I will let you guys know about their products and I’m happy to spread the word… If they can offer my clients something in return.

Josh Brandon - Luxury Italian Duvet bed set promotion code

If you are in the market for the highest quality and most beautiful bed clothes, duvet sets, pillow cases, pillows and duvets head over to their website using this link: Luxury Italian Bedding when you choose the set you want and arrive at the checkout make sure you use this code: Josh5

Exclusive to my clients, you will receive 5% off your entire purchase with all products included.

Worldwide shipping is available and arrives very quickly, the packaging requires a signature and it does come shockingly fast so be prepared.

 Once you have your bed clothes set… Email me, send me pics and tell me what you think and how it feels!

I want to hear if you buy a set and agree about the quality and improved nights sleep as a result, let me know.

Thanks for reading head over to This link to place your order and keep me updated.


It’s your boy JB signing off, back to lay down on my gorgeous bed Smile


Glen01 says:

It’s beautiful and bodacious bedding and I just want to flounce and bounce on your bed like a passionate Italian stallion

Josh Brandon says:

My bed is used to it 😉

Marcus says:

looks amazing, what thread count is it? looks top quality! Marcus –

Josh Brandon says:

It’s beautiful, Goose feathered the highest quality, I’m not sure on the thread count. I can ask them, it’s bloody lush on my bed my clients are in for a treat haha xx

Graham says:

Nice bedding! Can’t wait to try it out with you! Pity you can’t spell “Versace”!

Josh Brandon says:

Ha corrected, that’s very strange for me to not be able to spell an Italian designer name 😉

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