Male sex work in the UK – Study for Birmingham University

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I was recently interviewed for a research project titled

Male and Transgender Sex Work in the UK and Netherlands


The research is through Birmingham University and might be an interesting read. The research is funded by the Leverhulme Trust who provides scholarships for research and education.

The project is aimed at understanding the sex work business and persuading policy decisions giving the data that government or policy making people need to properly legislate on the variety of issues and diversity of people in this sexy business.

Taking data from male and trans sex workers and escorts as I prefer 🙂
 passing on the stats to policy makers in an attempt to have them take notice of the thousands of males also working as escorts and sex workers in the UK to build policies looking at the whole picture instead of only focusing on female sex workers. The research will go on to educate through various publications in the UK and perhaps further.. The Netherlands seems quite likely from the title 😉

Katy Pilcher
 whose publications can be seen here is the lovely lady I met who interviewed me we did the interview at my home and that’s always helpful. Katy brought some cookies and sweets to help entice more juicy information out of me. Haha jokes

I had a lovely time talking about everything from UK policy to society’s perceptions of the biz and all us boys there in! Katy even brought Glucose tolerant sweets in case I happened to only be able to eat that, I can eat anything but I thought that was funny and sweet.

I have done a few interviews like this for Universities and lecturers even one who was writing a text book entry about sex work… or something like that lol. This is the first one I can write about because it is the only one where I had follow up information and more details at the start.

If and when the research goes to publication I will add any links in another blog to where those publications are available. It is nice to know info I provide might actually be put to some use in making laws set for career escorts as well as street workers and for us boys as well as the ladies and looking at facts instead of judgments by politicians based on their views.

The females tend to be seen as victims or abused whether they are or not and the laws sometimes reflect that which isn’t good news for the rest of the ladies who happily choose their occupation and it isn’t good for the boys who might have different needs. I definitely don’t want the law making people to look more closely at escort boys when they’ve left us alone but it is important for some guys in the business at the street worker level rather than escorting for them to have access to support if they need it and to do that they at least need to be recognized as existing.

Check out the research page here Male Sex Worker Research Project



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