Bustle – Ending Stigma on Sex Work

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Bustle Article – Banishing the Stigma of Sex Work

I had a tweet last night with my picture in it, after some recent press was thinking oh shit what have I said now haha. It linked to a piece on the Bustle website


Was happy to see my message and the message of other sex workers having a voice and on a fun community site that I just realized has loads of Gossip and fun stuff for me to check out 😉


Written by Maria Yagoda. And it points to another good feature Bustle did back in January around the same time my BBC documentary aired, wish I seen the feature then.


Check the article out below, I sound like a superhero, loves it 😉 good to see the conversation doing the rounds and little by little changing opinions.

“In his effort to normalize sex work and re-brand it as a legitimate career, has emphasized that most of the people who pursue this work have full agency. His job, like any other job, is a business enterprise, and he refuses to be ashamed. “

Brandon is a big deal because his public insistence on sex work’s legitimacy — on his legitimacy as a person — is getting the world’s attention. And while the visibility granted to him is gendered (women are more likely to be seen as victims or sluts, while gay escorts are allowed slightly more normalcy and glamour), it is visibility. And it looks like he isn’t going anywhere.

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