Campaign day in Manchester

May 4th, 2012 Posted by All, Model / Pictures, NUM 4 comments

Campaign Day in Manchester 


Wednesday I had a fun and productive day in Manchester a city I took a while to visit again. So long that I was on Canal street when a friend called I told him I am sitting next to a lake and a lot of gay bars! Yep it has been that long and I am blonde so I’m allowed to have those moments.


Model Campaign – The first part of the day was a photo shoot for the face of HaloBoys marketing campaign which was a lot of fun. They have a good team over there and I look forward to the campaign kicking off.

We started getting in to the shoot here in a large studio. The pics coming soon I have a feeling you guys will enjoy! Updated blog with pics below…


HaloBoys - UK Gay escorts - Josh Brandon


HaloBoys - Face of Josh Brandon - Facebook Twitter

HaloBoys banner - Josh brandon modelJosh Brandon - Model escort - Face of HaloBoysModel Josh Brandon - Twitter


After the studio we went to a bar for some delicious cocktails with friendly gay people… Yes they actually have friendly gay people up north. It made a nice change from London. The next meeting I had scheduled and needed to be in Manchester for worked out perfectly. I literally switched to another table outside the bar next door where the next meeting of the day took place…


Spokesperson Campaign – This is for a charity campaign I was asked recently to be a Champion for a new UK wide Charity that are launching their current city wide projects Nationally through out the whole of the UK, in July 2012 they are backed by the government and do important work that I am very happy to be involved in and one of the first official Champions to sign up to help raise awareness for the cause and people like me that they support.

More details on this to come later on xx


* Update – See the NUM / National Ugly Mugs blog posts 


 Had a very good day other than missing my train in both directions and had to get extra tickets I was kinda a naughty and bought the child’s tickets and two conductors took it without saying a thing. If they knew the way I was posing for the camera not sure they would have let me pass as 15 but I don’t see the point buying adult tickets double the price for the same size seats and half those 15 year old’s are bigger than me!


 Chat soon, going back to bed for more sleep then the Erotic Meet / AfterGlow Art networking party tonight!




James402 says:

Impressed that you have now included the pic in your photo gallery despite seeing it as flawed. Nice to know you genuinely value others views. P.s. doubt that you are physically able to look anything less than stunning in any pic.

Josh Brandon says:

Gotta be better to trust the people looking, than sticking to only what I think is best. Glad you like 🙂 x

James402 says:

Great pics, but I think the best one is not one that you seem to have chosen to put on your own website. On the HaloBoys website, in the photography section, tenth row down and third picture across. A professional picture in which you have a great smile. It is really good, seems warmer and more friendly than most professional pics.

Josh Brandon says:

Thank you James 🙂 It’s funny I always like different pics to other people. Someone else said that pic is the favourite as well. For me I seen a flaw because I was jumping made my body shape funny lol

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