Escorts and Detachment on the Job

June 2nd, 2013 Posted by All, Personal 6 comments

Escorts and Detachment on the Job


Josh Brandon - London gay escort


 Detachment and being a gay escort or escort of any kind is one of the basic requirements that seems to be a natural trait that professional escorts have in common. By detachment I mean to be able to separate commercial sex from making love and/or casual sex and the detachment that allows you to connect with someone on an intimate level and share in a moment or a long term relationship while still sustaining the professional dimension that allows you to have that connection or an intense sexual moment then get on with the day and be removed from any of the affection or emotions that others may find difficult to move on from so quick.


 I started writing this after meeting with a very long term regular client who I met with since basically day one when I just started out escorting. I remember the time we met vividly because it was the first time I ever visited a gay sauna where we arranged to meet. The fact that back then I looked like I’d barely hit puberty to the point where no-one would have guessed I was a gay escort and instead probably would have thought I was an innocent virgin! As I walked in to the sauna with an older gentleman and had the strangest looks it was funny and terrifying and most definitely memorable.

The client will always stick in my head from that experience and it might have something to do with meeting him every month or so for a good few years! He taught me how to tie a tie (is that really how to write that) as in tie up my tie to my shirt like under the collar. I wasn’t a kid by the way, I was kicked out of school at 14 and didn’t follow any rules before then so wearing a tie was not something I was well versed in. I love that term well versed in, it’s so posh!

This client when we met a few months ago he told me he was dealing with cancer and regardless of that detachment trait, this is general compassion in this situation and it was horrible to hear. When we met recently he called me from the cab to say he could only stay for half an hour because he started to feel dizzy on his way to my home. At this point I’m explaining he doesn’t have to come if he’s not feeling well but he is determined and knowing I don’t do half hour meets, he asked if that was ok and of course for him, it was.


When he arrived I spent most of the time asking if he was ok and if he wanted some water or a sit down, after taking some pain killers he was eager to stay spank me, very lightly as usual and that was good to know at least he still wanted to get on with our normal activities.

I think the moral of this story is professional detachment is essential but sometimes you can’t help but get chocked up and be human. I’m pretty sure this particular client doesn’t read my blog anyway but this is dedication to one of my first ever clients who has a special meaning to me and I hope to continue seeing for as long as possible.


I was supposed to get deeper and talk about other things but it’s bloody depressing so I’m going to leave it as it is and maybe come back to it later.

Much Love xXx



ARGH88 says:

This is precisely why I don’t go to see escorts anymore. They’ll fall in love with me and find it immensely hard to stop thinking about me even on the job. I broke the detachment capability of many a sexy escort because of my auric filed which generates huge balls of love energy and latent charisma. Escorts have come out of their bodies when they are with me in bed or begin shaking with excitement. Some have been known to hang on to my legs when I tell them I really need to go now. Many have even said, I’ll pay you. This is the danger of such brief encounters for me at least in that it makes it hard for a career escort to keep going after having met me.

Josh Brandon says:

Well congratulations that is a role reversal!

Robert says:

A very touching post, Josh. You’re in a profession that involves connecting with a lot of people – whether it’s only once or regularly over a long period of time. Even though you detach yourself from your work (a necessity in such an intimate profession I’m sure), it’s only natural to make connections with your client, especially one with whom you’ve had a long term relationship with. After all this is a person whom you’ve known for quite a while, that you’ve spent a lot of time with, and that you’ve come to know.
I think it’s just a sign of a normal, caring personality that makes you affected by his illness. I’m sure like most people in personal service professions you care about the well-being of your regular clients, not only because they may hold value as a client, but because you see them as a human being and it is natural to feel compassion for fellow human beings.
Anyway, I know I’m just some random stranger posting on your blog, but I would like to thank you for sharing this insight and dedication to your client. I think any expression of compassion is a good thing and it was nice to see your dedication to him. I hope things turn out well for your client, and wish you all the best.

Josh Brandon says:

Yes you are right, this was a client as I said from way back and it is nice to be friends and have some consideration for people on a human level no matter what we do in life, can always treat people with respect. I’m glad you were a random stranger posting on my blog, is always nice to hear feedback.
Bless 🙂

lazslo toth says:

Dear Josh! This entry i read twice, very moving more customers in more than or as escort exuded love and humanity, hard work you are doing psychologist job almost as well.

Josh Brandon says:

Aww thanks Lazslo, and yep the psychologist skills sometimes come in to it but is all good, nice to have a mix of things.
Take care xx

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