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I am available to meet 7 days a week. Day times and evenings from 10AM – 11.30pm.
Please call in advance for other times if you prefer a later time at night or an earlier morning time meeting, times outside of the above hours need to pre-arranged and booked in advance.

As much notice as possible, appointments can be booked weeks and months ahead of time and my schedule can fill up well in advance at times.
I can sometimes give appointments on the same day with 2 hours notice, generally 24 / 48 hours notice is more likely.
If you have a specific time in mind such as when your traveling in to London, contacting in advance is always best.

If I happen to have just showered, done my hair & be in my apartment with no plans, that might be possible… There is no harm in asking but please book ahead where possible.
2 hours notice during the day time is the minimum notice needed. Advanced notice is best to avoid sexual frustration!

I answer calls between 10AM – 11PM.
Week day afternoons are my busiest times but it is also when I am accepting most appointments.
Afternoons during the week and weekends I am at peak and have the best chance of meeting at short notice.
Any time between 10AM – 11PM is fine to call and between 10AM – 11.30pm is fine to meet.
My schedule is highly random so please email me or use the contact forms on this site if you find it difficult to get in touch by phone.

My age range in appearance according to most people is between 16 – 21. I’ve seen articles written about me asking this question. I look young but I am over 18 and legal age for escorting. 16 is the legal age of consent for sex in the UK, including gay sex. People think I look under-age and I have the professionalism of someone older. Guys I have sex with in my personal life ask me if I am legal age.. Usually after we have already had sex! My voice is husky with a Welsh accent and I still can’t get served cigarettes. My younger friends can walk in to clubs and I get stopped to show ID. I can’t win lol. But I can take care of my business interests as well as blend in with a group of 14 year old boys who happen to be walking on the same street. I am over 18 and legal age.

Yes, I have met with many high profile people on both sides of the Atlantic and from what I can see all of them are still in the closet and will remain so unless they choose otherwise. I have no interest in broadcasting other people’s business, I have had plenty of opportunities to gain publicity that way but I have very little respect for escorts who do that, with all the interviews I have done I only speak about my business and no one else’s.
My priority is providing the best service and then getting on with my day until the next time.
I will never call or txt you unless it is in reply to you contacting me or unless you have specifically said you are happy for me and want me to contact you.
Me getting rich will always be from my name and nobody else’s. It’s live and let live. Your business stays your business.

My apartment is in a residential building in a peaceful and calm part of London on a nice street. I do not live with other escorts, there are security measures in place but my apartment is very discreet and private.

Yes I travel overseas often and am more than happy to travel. The USA is my favorite and sometimes I visit for tours of my own, the quickest and surest way of meeting me overseas is by booking me for a set time. Please note you will need to pay a deposit in advance. Travel costs are required up front and the remainder of the fee during our visit. A weekend is the minimum for most overseas locations and a Paypal account is required to send payment to protect both of our personal financial details. Bank transfers, cheques or money orders are not an option. Please see the Location page for more details, it is a lot easier than it sounds to arrange overseas visits.

Usually I will start over nights at 10pm that last until the next morning, the times are your choice and not strict they can be adjusted to suit your preference. Overnights are usually 8 hours or 12 hours.
In my apartment you would arrive we would have some wine perhaps, we can get a take away or go out for a meal, if you want to visit the theater or attractions we can do that.
Usually we would head to the bedroom pretty soon after arrival for the first bedroom session either before or after a meal and drinks. If the bedroom is requirement.
We would stay in the bedroom as long as you like perhaps coming back and forth between the living room and bedroom or going out locally for drinks or theater or other activities you enjoy.
Eventually we would usually sleep a few hours and wake up to morning fun then some breakfast either home made by me or out for breakfast locally.
At your hotel or home usually starts similar with sexy fun first then drinks and a meal or the other way around. Nothing is strict and structured in a sense it varies from person to person.
What you want is essentially what I want to deliver that might be an entire night in the bedroom or it might be eating out and entertaining perhaps seeing a show or more like a date night with some fun at the end.
It is entirely up to you but the descriptions above are the most common kind of Overnight meetings.
Call or email me to speak about it and give your preferences and we can work out the arrangements.

Call me or email details of location and preferences. A deposit of half the fee and travel expenses are required in advance. This can be transferred by for both our privacy so no-one will have personal and financial details. For me to schedule a booking in advance or longer meetings and any visits outside London.
I have to set aside that time and risk travelling it means I have to turn down any other bookings. The only way I can do that is if I am sure the booking is genuine. Without a deposit I cannot risk losing other appointments or travelling on my own expense.
The booking will only be made once a deposit is received. Please email with details and call me to chat about this, it is much easier than it might sound from my answer. The risk on your part is zero, if the deposit is made after we have agreed the details then I will travel to meet with you.
If I was not able to meet for some reason after the deposit was paid, it would be paid back to you in full. I have a reputation to protect and I am a career escort with no plans to retire any time soon.

My service is unhurried, I only ever rush someone after the time if it looks like they are taking liberties. However long you book for you will have my undivided attention for that time and if we run over a little it’s not usually a problem.

If I have a very busy day ahead then I won’t be able to go over excessively. I’m not going to be watching the minutes my appointments are usually spaced to make room for extra time. Your pleasure and enjoyment is what it’s all about.

If you arrive late it will depend on my schedule if I can still meet or if the appointment needs to finish roughly when it was set too. If I arrive late to meet you, you will still have the full agreed time from then depending on Your schedule.

Yes I am happy to wear any outfit you have in mind. All fantasies considered without judgement and most times without surprise. Just make sure the outfit is packaged in a sealed bag, a loose piece of any clothing will not be worn. My sizes are usually XXS in Men’s and Ages: 13 – 14 in Boys. Underwear: One size, XXS or Ages: 11 – 14.

If you want to me wearing an outfit pictured on my site, ask me when booking I’ll make a note and remind me again at the time. Some outfits I have are: Foot ball kit, Alter boy costume.
Cross dressing is not my thing despite my look but I am happy to do that in our private time if that is what you enjoy.
I have a few outfits like this that clients have brought in the past, including: A Red PVC nurses outfit, a white night dress, all in one white body suit.
My measurements are on the “About Me” page. In female clothes I’m sizes 6 – 8.

No I have no restrictions on appearance. All races. Sizes. Colours. Ages are welcome to contact and meet… All I ask is please be hygienic & sexually healthy and interested in safe sex. Older and Younger. Black. White. Arab. Asian. Big. Small etc, etc.. No prejudice or attitude. All friendly gentlemen are welcome. Anyone under the age of 15 years old. Please get your parents’ permission before booking 😉 jokes

Yes absolutely, I am happy to meet with disabled clients, please describe any specific needs or restrictions you may have that will help me make the time more comfortable and enjoyable. I recommend the and TLC Trust run by Tuppy Owens, I won the Erotic Awards in 2011 which funds those charities and the work they do may be of interest.

Please note, for in call meetings… My apartment is at the top floor with walk up only, there is no lift in my building please keep that mind, there’s always a solution so feel free to get in touch.

Yes mostly I do kiss. There are times where I won’t kiss with tongues. I wouldn’t say I kiss 100% of the time but definitely 90% of the time and it’s down to hygiene and cleanliness. I keep spare toothbrushes at my home and won’t be afraid to say if it is necessary 😉

The short answer is No. Same answer for “I really like you can we get to know each other and meet as friends” or “I’m really hot, you will like me too”. I like people and enjoy building friendships with clients, however this is my business and a service I enjoy providing, the customer relationship will always be there even as we become comfortable. Anyone contacting me is a welcomed customer who may become a regular visitor and friend but I am not looking for non-paid dates or boyfriends. If you are contacting me through my work, please respect and understand that.

When it comes to sex, I am Versatile with fucking and sucking. Want me to Top you? I prefer to be Top/Active/Fucking You earlier in the day/afternoon when possible, before lots of meetings have taken place.

Soft / light spanking either way… Me on you, you on me is fine.
Bondage as in me tying you up or Dominating You: Yes I offer that. You tying me up: No, I don’t offer that.
Water Sports as in me being Active / Pissing on you: Yes that’s fine. The receiver, you pissing on me: No. Dirty or the other side of Water sports: No I do not give or receive that.
Other fetishes: Please ask, I am happy to hear and interested in anything and everything that’s safe and hygienic.

I am completely healthy and hygienic. I shower 2 – 4 times a day. I have a check up every 3 months and use protection. I am educated on sexual health and I put my clients, partners and my health 1st.

No I do not get fucked bareback or receive cum in my mouth or butt.

I work with my boyfriend as a duo partner only. If you want to bring a female in that is something we could discuss.

Yes, I am more than happy to meet for Dinner dates, trips to the theatre, to be your tour guide in London and any events you’d like to meet for.
Let me know of any dress code when contacting, and what you have in mind. My rates are by time whatever you’d like to do send details and I’m sure we can set that up.

Ask about my ” VIP Client Loyalty Card ” all clients can have this only if you ask about it. Think Starbucks lol, you collect points each visit when your card is complete you can have free time added on to your next booking.
You either take your card home or keep it here with me.
The more you visit the more points you collect. Birthday treats and so on…
If we meet on a regular basis monthly, fortnightly, weekly or regular intervals you will gain more from the VIP Card. All my clients can have this, very few ever ask so just remember to Ask and you shall Receive!
I always remember people without this card but it’s the most fun way I can think of rewarding my most regular visitors.

Please see the above question for how I provide Loyalty rates to my most regular visiting, long term clients.
For longer bookings of weekends, 2 nights and more, there may be some leeway depending on the location and preferences.
For shorter appointments I do not offer discounts on my rates and negotiation attempts will be rejected. I am in a position where I can comfortably choose who I see and I could increase my rates easily so please do not waste either of our time by asking for discounts.

I do not have an agent, I deal with enquiries myself. I have a personal assistant who helps with other business but you can contact me directly through the forms, email addresses and phone number listed on the Contact page and on this website.

Yes, every review is from genuine and real clients and any comment on my website is from either clients or people visiting the site. I’m fortunate that I don’t need to write my own and I would never do that. I only approve reviews if I remember seeing the person and am sure it isn’t just a website surfer.
I prefer reviews to go to external sites like Daddysreviews or SleepyBoy and I am grateful for every one… Please keep them coming if we have met, every one helps me a lot and gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling to know I’m delivering what my guys want 🙂

Have a look around my site, the blog and other pages. You can email with Specific questions you want answers to and I will reply when I can.
On an average week I’m receiving more emails than I can possibly respond to. There are times when I have dozens of emails from escorts all over the world, I try to answer as often as I can but it’s not always possible to answer everyone and I will forget to reply when busy.
Please note: I do not take on duo partners or give shout outs and free promotion, I no longer help in that way.
You can sign up at from February 28th, 2016 and my escort guide book will available later this year.

Please see the contact page and email me on the media request email address, providing your credentials. I am happy to do interviews, it’s something I enjoy. I may have obligations with other media at times but mostly happy to chat and I will provide my terms when you contact.

Yes, my pictures are updated frequently, they are true likeness, my photo gallery page has pictures with and without photo shop editing, some posts in the News section have a few pics included and you can see my most recent and the most real pictures – as in unedited snap shot pictures on my twitter, facebook and instagram (links on the Contact page)
While fantasy is the business of escorting, customers should always get what they expect when it comes to what an escort looks like and you will always get the one you see in my pictures when we meet.

I am told on a daily basis that I look better in real life than I do in my pictures, it’s nice and annoying to hear lol, so kindly remove your hand from your lap, pick up the phone and call to get booking 😉 looking is no good to me and nothing beats the real thing 😛

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Physical Stats

  • Nationality: British/Welsh

  • Sexuality: Gay

  • Position: Versatile / Top & Bottom

  • Body Hair: Smooth/Hairless

  • Age Range (Appearance): 18 – 21

  • Height: 5’8ft

  • Weight: 8.2 stone – 112 lbs- 52Kg

  • Waist: 25″

  • Hips: 28″

  • Cock: 6.5″ – 7″

  • Leg: 31″

  • Chest: 32″

  • Shoe size: 8

More Details

Location: Central London, Chelsea

Nearest Tube: Sloane Square / Victoria

In Calls & Out Calls

Hours: 10AM – 11.30PM

Min Booking Time: 1 hour

Max Booking Time: 2 weeks +

Overnights / Weekends

National Travel

International Travel

Hotel Visits

Private Apartment In Calls

Long Term Companionship

One Time Meetings

Boyfriend Experience

Sexually Versatile – Top & Bottom

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