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Galop – Do what you Both want – Charity Campaign are a community group charity offering support and raising awareness for victims of homophobia, sexual abuse or domestic violence. They also support gay, lesbian, trans people who have issues with police and the justice system.

I was asked to do a photo shoot to help raise awareness. Have a look at their website in the link above and the site for the Do What You Both Want Campaign. Photoshoot - DoWhatYouBothWant Josh Brandon and Luca Del Volcano-page-001   Josh Brandon Luca - Galop Charity - DoWhatYouBothWant


Back story: On Tuesday 3rd of July after a wonderful night at the Opera and dinner at a Jamie Oliver restaurant with a client. I rushed to my hair appointment then on to the photo shoot a little late and very sleepy after at most 2 hours sleep.

The shoot was with iconic photographer and artist Del La Grace Volcano who I heard about a while back and did my home work as soon as I heard his name. Click the link above to see why I was well chuffed to be working with Del!

My counter part model was Luca Darkholme fellow escort and winner of the Erotic Awards Pioneer award for creating the Sex Worker Open University. We did some pretty cool shots in very interesting surrounding, although I wish I had slept more because I looked like death warmed up, like slightly warmed up…. Barely even luke warm!

 It’s funny because despite how shit I looked in the pics, I thought at one point I was not going to be able to take part when Del asked me how old I was and if I was over 18, a conversation and a show of my I.D later it was all good and I had a brill day.

That night I went out even though I really needed to be home and busy and resting lol, then stumbled in after me and Luca continued drinking for like 10 hours I bought coke (the drinking kind of course) at 4am to have more vodka at home but forgot about it after getting in.

It was a fab night with drag queens galore and all sorts until the next day when my head was pounding and I realized I had loads of website work to get on with.

Seen as this seems like a week in the life of blog I may as well finish it off…

 On Thursday which was the day after the hang over, I went to the LGBT Union conference to meet Luca from the other day… I arrived there after it more or less finished having a little nose and peak seeing what it is all about. It was something different with a lot of labour voters! I should have guessed from the Union in the name lol, but lovely people despite being left wing haha 😉 (I am playing) had some healthy debate, don’t get me started on Europe but when it came to sex worker and client legal issues I think we would agree on pretty much everything.

The head of the LGBT Union btw is Thierry Schaffauser who won the same award as me the year before in 2010. It was funny being so different from someone who I should have lots in common with lol, but very nice people with good strong values even if we don’t all share the exact same ones.

All in all was an interesting and fun few days, that’s been this week…

Your boy… JB / Josh Brandon

Mwah xx

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