Bizarre Magazine Interview – Confessions of a Call Boy

November 27th, 2011 Posted by All, Interviews, Model / Pictures 4 comments

Interview with Bizarre Magazine… Confessions of A Call Boy

‘ Stripping Bare the sordid secrets of Britain’s highest paid gay escort ! ‘


The November issue of Bizarre Magazine is out today!!! September 27th, 2011.


 Featuring me Josh Brandon in a 4 page spread with an interview about my experiences as a male escort and my life growing up. Read my interview for some sexy, some funny and some very in depth details about my life and my escorting career with exclusive pictures courtesy of Ashley at 


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Exert from article written by Denise Stanborough – ” Josh Brandon resembles a young Macaulay Culkin. His pale skin, thin physique and angelic blonde locks make him look like he should be at Sunday school choir practice rather than posing, half-naked, in a pair of nut-strangling pants. “


Your boy Josh B xX


Joshlover - Brian says:

Incredible boy for getting the things you want in life despite your early struggles. Your strength and light shines through. You are a true star on this earth and truly beautiful inside as well as Stunning physically – beyond compare!

Josh Brandon says:

Waw, that is very sweet! And it’s funny I don’t any of that stuff as a struggle, maybe some bits weren’t fun but life is too beautiful and amazing we have to go for everything and don’t look back for too long, the past is done with not where I’m at today.

John878 says:

The article has a very honest feel to it. Your life sounds so sensual, so erotic. I know you take risks, its not all glamour but imagine if you had not made the choices you did. If you had been weaker, not of such a positive disposition – how less interesting your life could be. I smiled regarding the mouth-toilet chap, each to their own pleasure but, I’m thinking, Politician, perhaps Investment-Banker! Ahah what an open minded chap you are. I wonder how much thought you give to life after “Josh Brandon”? His demise will come one day, at a time of your choosing, but how do you follow on from that?

Josh Brandon says:

I think Denise did a great job with the article, it’s very nerve wracking doing those things and trusting the people with your name in their hands but I’m very pleased with it.
RE: When Josh is no more? I give that thought just about every day. But I think it would be more a case of evolving Josh over time, the guy makes me a lot money and brings guys happiness wouldn’t want to just erase and move on. It’s about building and making changes when needed.
RE: The mouth-toilet guy… You know I can’t give any clues except to say he was a fun guy in the USA while I visited and it was an interesting experience 🙂

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