Olympic Fuck Fest

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Olympic Escort Fuck Fest – Come play some sports with me


 Happy Olympic season everyone I hope you are all in a sporty and playful mood. I decided to pretend I am in the Olympics I had a lot of practice at my sport it’s called the gay escort marathon and I’m so loving all these extra foreign visitors coming to play with me. So let us join in the Olympic spirit and see how much horny fun you can have with this Gold medalist escort boy.


How horny is everyone getting watching all the athletes in skimpy skin painted shorts with their dicks bouncing back and forth and seeing all the sweaty bodies and suited up security people everywhere? Finally we have the sun shining bright on good old Britain and London town and I don’t know about you but right now as always…

I am as horny as a 16 year old virgin boy who just discovered the physical sensation of sliding his penis deep and hard in to a tight little hole then pulling out to squirt a gallon of semen all over the other guys pretty face in to his mouth and down his throat.

While I am waiting for those naughty boys who forgot to call (That is joke by the way if any media folk are reading this haha) I have met some fabulously nice visitors in town soaking up the sexy sporty vibes. My phone seems like I hit some magic male escort client magnet button that brings all you guys exactly where you should be… In my bed and to the door of their hotel room to let me come inside and play!


My door is open… Not literally it is actually shut but I open it when needed. I am here in London city waiting for Tom Daley to pick up the phone visit me and bend himself over my bed for me to examine his Speedos more closely and I think Tyson Chandler must be really busy because he still has not called about grabbing that cup of tea and dunking his chocolate biscuit inside my cherry tea cup 😉



* Updated post in February 2014 with some pictures…

Josh Brandon naked nude Josh Brandon Naked butt Josh Brandon gay escort model mirror self pic    

 Now I don’t mind meeting any hot hung Adonis athletes in town if I must it’s not a problem I can deal with that. My standard rate applies to all so no funny business. But other than the Olympians in town all visitors are welcome to call me up.

Speed dial 0900-escort-boy-Josh and I will appear out of thin air like a magician I might have to bring my school boy uniform or foot ball kit because I don’t have a cape and then we can play lots of fun games like…


Basket ball – You can throw your balls towards my end of the court aim as best as you can for the middle and see if you can get it in the ring. And if you want to reverse it I can shoot to get my balls as close to your hoop as possible. The balls might not go in but something shaped more like a javelin could be slipping through in to the hoop in no time.


Swimming – I don’t enjoy water sports when it comes to me getting wet. That’s a no no but I am more than happy to soak you with my water gun until you are too wet to remember whether the Olympics is a sporting event or the name of your first fuck buddy.


Long distance endurance – I can go from like 10pm until the next morning for overnights or do a little mini sprint like the 400 metre 1 hour or few hours runs either way I will make sure you break a sweat and go all the way from here to mars with bliss.


I can’t think of anymore sporting analogies. Visitors are more than welcome to call me up for play time. My regular guys you know what to do if you need a fix of the good stuff.


Have a fun and fabulous Olympic holidays everyone.


Welcome to London all newbie’s. Call me on 0798 304 7871 for a good time and sexy London memories. 


Josh “Horny fucker” Brandon xx




Steven says:

Regarding the TeamGB athletes (like Tom Daley), please remember that we want TeamGB to win something. Them imagining horizontal jogging, or other activities with Josh Brandon is not likely to be conducive to their concentration.The visitors and foreign competitors however are fair-game – Have Fun.

Anyoldname says:

good job you didnt tweet that…

Jon Royce says:

Nice body. Size of your penis is impressive. I’d like to photo you when you come to America.

Josh Brandon says:

Which part of America are you in? Email me with links to your work if possible

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