The One I should not write

August 28th, 2012 Posted by All, Personal 3 comments

The one I should not write!


This is a blog I probably should not write but me being me I am going to anyway. I was touching on a similar subject while writing for my Gay Escort Guide book earlier today and then lo and behold (I think that’s the right saying) it came up tonight. Probably by some cosmic law of attraction thing I had the wrong thoughts fresh in mind then it shows up manifested in reality haha, I’m just fucking with you but who knows could be.

So this situation just two hours ago; starting a journey to meet a client who has been anticipating our appointment for some time and made the confirmation call tonight and with a couple of hours notice I was geared up, kitted out in my skin tight ripped at the knees lucky brand jeans, a low cut vest top that has my chest on full display, my hair did, fresh and maybe still a little moist from the slippery suds washing all over my firm wet body in the shower moments before walking out the door.

This is where it starts to go wrong and I start to feel my professionalism slipping away and Josh leaving me while (real name) creeps in for a minute. I exit my building and within seconds or so Mr. not so recent Ex but recent enough to have my mind going elsewhere is on my street looking hotter than he was when I got a little bored and we ceased to co-exist. That’s not a big deal I have millions of the fuckers scattered around the city and the globe and even a few nice ones too lol. So that is a temporary attention shifting event that is easily brushed aside.

Next up maybe with my thoughts still lingering I get on the tube or a tube, the wrong tube heading east towards Notting hill instead of west towards Liverpool street already running a little late I begin to get stressed when I realize 3 stops later I’m going the wrong way! There’s a dozen people squashing my tiny body in to the corner of this tube and making me sweat like a bitch on her menstrual cycle.

Finally I get off the tube to turn around the other direction I get to Liverpool street then remember I have to get another two tubes from there changing part way instead of the one tube that I thought it was. I am sweating pints and my hair is no longer looking fresh I have a dozen other people’s sweat on my clothes and I’m pissed off and an escape for an urgent cigarette is in order.

Eventually I decided I am way too late around 30 minutes at that point and bless the client he was very patient and understanding and told me to just get a cab still happy to meet. I have a very important rule and that is; if I’m feeling 90% prepared and ready to be the best boy in the business and provide the best service possible that leaves a 10% short fall and 9 times out of 10 I would rather annoy a client a little by cancelling than turn up and provide my service then feel like I could have done better when we’re done or I wasn’t quite fully in the room with my client. It is kind of important to be fully in the same room with the guy you’re fucking… or fulfilling other requests with.

This is an example that came up tonight of all nights after covering a similar topic earlier in the day for my Escort Guide book “The Gay Escort Guide to Getting Rich… And Staying Rich”

And the moral of the story is this… I am almost perfect but not quite haha

See you soon unless I just ended my career with this blog lol


Your boy; Josh Brandon… baby! x




Johhny says:

Lets face it Josh……you are worth waiting for.

John878 says:

“making me sweat like a bitch on her menstrual cycle”, descriptive phraseology, I do like your writing/blogging style. The serious business-boy to the erotic-artist then the naughty-boy. You are great, not perfect but dam close.

robert paul says:

i think u r so fucking horny iam going to have a wank now before i wet my pants x x x x x

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