Pictures with Holly Revell and AfterGlow Art

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Pictures from Easter with Holly Revell and EroticMeet


Hope you had a lovely Easter everyone. I had a lush weekend with parties a photo shoot and some time off.

Want to say a big Thank you to Holly Revell one of the Photographers of The Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys for her talents the 3rd photo shoot and 4th time working on projects with the lovely lady. Clearly we worked together long after her work was chosen for the book 😉 Check out the Holly Revell website for her unique and artistic style of photography which almost always happens to be with male models for some reason or another. Haha.


Here is the group shot image from Saturday the 7th of April at the Green Carnation bar in Soho where most the weekend was spent. My solo pics will be on the way soon. Lets play where is Joshy… Where oh where can you spot him?

Holly Revell - Green Carnation - Josh Brandon - Annie Player - Eroticmeet AfterGlow

 Josh Brandon - Gay escort Central London - Photographer Holly Revell


I found the first of the above pictures while looking through my Holly collection and remembered that most are group shots which is why they are not all up here. Looking forward to the solo pics coming back to add up here soon.


** Update ** The pic directly above was from the fabulous Erotic Meet (now AfterGlow Art) event and this picture ended up on the wall of the Green Carnation bar for months after, I didn’t even know for ages lol


The pic below is from The 2011 Erotic Awards where Holly first kidnapped me threw me in a cage and started taking pictures. I was only looking for the bathroom to clean my wings. Ha Jokes 


Josh Brandon - Photographer Holly Revell - Erotic Awards 2011


The weekend started before this on Good Friday while Jesus was resurrected 2,012 years later I was networking with a group of sex industry erotic artist folk in a gay bar showing my bum outside in the beautiful spring night time and forcing some friends and random guys to touch it.


 I remember playing a game and giving a very Jesus like answer the ” What one thing would you change about your body ” game. I gave my symbolic 2 minute silence in memory of the Lord at that point and I think having absolutely no answer was a devine Jesus like response to the question.


 On the Friday night of this months EroticMeet (Now named Afterglow Art) the hostess Miss Player herself Annie actually left before midnight to prepare for the next days events. The first time we have ever seen Miss Beautiful leave before midnight or more like 6am lol.

Next day bright and early to events I missed due to a hangover from hell. May have left the event with a pet complete with a lead but only walks on two legs. No names ahem* Stu, haha. Shit sorry 😉



Enjoyed the stage show with Innocent Loverboy was hilarious lots of fun. Had some inspiration from Molly and Domsigns for us to team up for a sexy collaboration. An artistic twist on an interview idea from new faces at the event. Went deep in convo with Demi Goddard about capitalism and individual rights and his latest semi naked antics making the news!


 Briefly caught up with the delicious Rubyyy Jones looking shiny and fabulous as ever! Mr Suited and booted blog who was almost edible on the night in his sexy attire trying to knock me off the best dressed list ha



The most lovable Sarah Berry of Fannies Rule was adorable as always cracking me up. The lady in red I think knocked me and Stu off the best dressed list in her fab red number and I got to speak a little to Luscious_Lou and looking forward to chatting more.

The extra naughty Mia Lee directed me to her blog post about an evening with a rope 😛


Left for home earlier than usual by 1am ready for a photo shoot. Me and @SpaceCheetos went back to my place. She did not rape me as her friends kept telling her to do.. We spied on some sleeping guy in the window opposite called the restaurant next door to ask if the manager was single.. had a giggle then beddy byes.

It was a fan-fucking-tastic night as always.


After the photo shoot on Saturday I went out with a bunch of Gay boys some mates round Soho and had a blast. One friend fell asleep hammered not able to move. My jacket vanished forcing me to walk home in a tiny little vest top getting stares from all kinds of guys at 3am.

I foolishly called my boyfriend out of boredom to tell him about the last 10 or so people I kissed in the last couple of weeks. That is non professionally kissed. I think we are still together he called several times today so it must all be good. Have been very relaxed since the weekend taking Easter off and enjoying doing sweet FA.


I am now back in business mode taking bookings and ready for fun of the sensual nature. Dial me up 1800-Josh-boy place your order and come get some of the good stuff in a private show just you and I 😛


 Happy Easter xxx


Your Boy… Josh Brandon

Oh wait have another pic I did with Holly…

Holly Revell Photographer - Josh Brandon model forest tree

Oooh there’s more from my Holly collection… This below is from a Live Drawing session so we were perfectly still while a group painted us!! 

Holly Revell - Live Drawing QED - Josh Brandon

One more I like even though I was not ready, awww with an ex on the right of pic.

Holly Revell Photographer - Josh Brandon and Nate




AnniePlayer says:

Whit Woo Mr Sexy Sex! Looking stunning as ever and really, thank you for sharing this weekend… How much fun was that! -x-

Josh Brandon says:

Thanks Miss Beauty!! The hostess with the mostest, Was a fan-fucking-tabulous weekend, loved it and can’t wait to do again xx

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