Sexual Escapades part 2

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Sexual Escapades Part 2


I had two long relationships with guys by the time I moved from Wales, was engaged to one guy but I didn’t really know what that meant properly lol, was way too young to deal with that, He knew me from school, I couldn’t remember him but it was a good relationship for 7 months, he was a bit of an arsehole in the end but it was what it was. We were both quite inexperienced so the sex was raw with very few limits, he had an unusually large dick for his age and my butt has always been extremely tight, his dick was completely rock hard throbbing in his pants any time he was around me, the sex hurt quite a bit, I still liked it enough to take his dick almost everyday and several times a day and he loved getting fucked by me and taking my boy juice in his mouth or any where else I wanted to unload. When we had sex at his parents house was the best, trying to be quiet in the next room and running to the bathroom to wipe his load off my body, he’d fuck me so fast and cum everywhere and had to hold my mouth shut to stop the moans, his parents kinda figured things out when they came in the bedroom the next day to see his arms wrapped around me and the blanked rolled down enough to reveal a lack of underwear on him and some freaky red leather underwear on me. One time when he didn’t want to have sex in the toilets of a train, I masturbated his dick under the table so the other passengers could see, I knew he’d come to the bathroom then and he fucked me so hard that day! and if I remember at least another two times in the night.


When I was almost 17 I moved to London, my dad helped me get a place cuz he worked here part the week, for the first few months being very excited I was going out a lot mostly on my own cuz I didn’t know anybody at that time, I learned pretty quickly that it didn’t take long after stepping in the club that I could choose the guy I wanted, or just sit alone for a minute and wait for them to come at me. I’d go on dates with one guy and end up leaving with a different guy, was pretty harsh but I was new in town and had to get a feel for things, I would go in to clubs and one time that I’m not proud of within minutes of walking in a guy asked me to go to the toilets, I think he was Chinese or Korean a good looking guy, I agreed without hesitation, we got to the cubicle shut the door put a condom on his dick and I went down on it, he put it inside me for like 10 seconds and the idiot already cum, so I went back to get a drink still horny started talking to another guy and asked him to leave the club with me, he was with some friends and couldn’t leave so it’s back to the lavatory, I put my condom on with lightning speed cuz I was still sooo horny and fucked him for maybe 10 minutes before the bouncer knocked the door and kicked us both out the toilets, he did let me stay in the club so that was decent of him, later on when I was ready to leave I grabbed a different guy that kept looking over took him home let him lick my butt out for an hour suck my toes for a bit and then fuck me good before I fucked him, I had two full loads that should have come out ages ago so I came all over the place a huge load, that was one of my first nights out in London.


Another one of my first nights out in London, actually it was work I was on a movie set which happened to be at a gay nightclub in Vauxhall, I went there to film a scene the movie was called Surveillance and it was a blink and you’ll miss me scene. After the filming wrapped up we had free drinks at the bar or more like a ticket to get one free drink lol, I started talking to some Egyptian guy on the dance floor and after dancing with the main actor on the movie (during the scene) who was pretty hot I was already sexually aroused so I invited the Egyptian to the bathroom (I don’t normally do that by the way but I wasn’t ready to go home) I placed his dick gently in my mouth and preceded to suck on it like a lolipop, he was quite big “from what I remember” and tasted good, he then went to put his dick in me and rubbed it against my little hole and tried being naughty thinking I didn’t realise he hadn’t put a condom on I let him play and teased a little before demanding he go to the machine and put a pound in the slot before he got closer to putting anything in my slot, he did that and fucked me very nicely, very deep and hard he came with a force that shook my body and then he bought me a drink and we finally exchanged names and numbers haha.


A month after moving and having more than a few sexual adventures… My first London relationship, was unlike any other attraction I had before, instant and strong from the get go, the love between the sheets was unbelievably intense. That guy is Craig (not real name), now my boyfriend and duo partner (See below for update), we wasn’t always together and had breaks in between, during those breaks after some time mourning 🙁 and until we’d get things back together 🙂 , my adventures continued 😛 …


Part 3 or Updated version of this Blog… cumming soon when I remember more of my sexual Escapades… As an aside, I’m coming up to 19 next year and right now I only get busy as a gay escort at work for you my Fabulous clients and with my man and hopefully that’s the way it will stay for the foreseeable future… *Update* That is so over! I don’t want to change the blog because it was what it was at the time I wrote it, that tune has passed (“Craig” as some of you know him to be) is no longer my boyfriend or duo partner. So I’m back to my old ways, like in the old days, flirting enjoying and feeling blessed to not be committed to someone so useless.


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