Josh Brandon - Erotic Awards 2011 Sexual Freedom Awards - Male Escort Award Winner

Sexual Freedom Award Winner

Previously Knows As The Erotic Awards

The Sexual Freedom Awards promote excellence in erotic performance and sexual services and celebrate pioneers in the field of sexuality.
The proceeds of the Awards ceremony are used to fund the work of the Outsiders Trust – a charity, which supports disabled people to find partners.

The Sexual Freedom Awards evolved out of the international Erotic Awards, which were run by Tuppy Owens in London once a year from 1994–2013.
The Awards were famous for their Golden Flying Penis Trophies, hand carved for the event in Bali. This trophy will be presented on the night to the winners.

On the 20th Anniversary of the event in 2014, the Sexual Freedom Awards were produced by Charlotte Rose who organised a sensational show at the elegant Bush Hall in London.

On the Night of Sexual Freedom Awards
Blog post written May 22, 2011

The International Erotic Awards Male Escort Winner is…

The Sexual Freedom Awards 2011 – Winners were announced at the Night of the Senses Erotic Awards ball in London on Friday May 20th. The night was amazing with sexy and dazzling sights to behold with every turn of the eye. I spent most of my time getting drinks down my neck and chatting with the most friendly and sexually liberated bunch of people imaginable.

The night started… With me and my friend standing on Tottenham court road trying to hail a cab even attempting to get a tube before moving swiftly back to the taxi idea. My Friend wearing cut up school boy trousers with a mask and me with a pair Angel wings on my back, glittered up boots and skin tight white hot pants. The taxi plan was irritating with two cabs refused to stop, waving as they zoomed past, until a brainstorm to hold up the bag so they could see I do have somewhere where I can hold money! Finally we’re picked up and dropped off at Electrowerks club in Angel.
At this point most people we seen were still wearing normal clothes and had bags with them I have no idea why we didn’t think of that but I’m glad we didn’t was fun walking around central London dressed up or hardly dressed at all and I wouldn’t have changed that.

We entered the venue to got chatting to the sexy people that filled the rooms with all kinds of amazing outfits and props, the finalists including yours truly were pulled aside for the winners to be announced and prepared to go to the stage when called.
I was nervous as hell in honesty also feeling fairly confident but dreading the thought of not hearing my name being called.
The uber sexy Helen Croydon named the winners and finally I could relax knowing the outcome, my other friends arrived at the venue and I decided to not mention the result.

And the Winner is – Up on stage when Helen Croydon (Journalist TV Presenter and Author of Sugar Daddy Diaries) introduced the winners and by the way little old me the one and only… Josh Brandon of course won the Erotic Awards 2011 ( now named the Sexual Freedom Awards ) category for Male Escort.

I am over the moon and feel very blessed to be awarded for doing what I love, especially in this Awards event who look for the most talented in every area of the sex industry and from all over the world, the judging panel include the best of the best in their fields who look internationally for the best of the best in the sex and adult industry with nominees so this night was one of, if not the best of my life.

When I found out I was nominated and that you could only ever enter a category once and win the same award once only, so if I lost I couldn’t be nominated again, making it all the more intense and exhilarating.

When Helen Croydon who presented the show introduced me saying “Josh stood out for his organisational skills, and all his feedback this young man is an entrepreneur and we think busier than Richard Branson” I was in a bit of daze and hardly remember the full introduction but was it so nice to hear.

I gave a little speech was totally crap after literally just getting to the stage as Lara Latex the female escort winner was announced and close to finishing her speech. I had less than a minute standing there and all of a sudden I was on the stage lol. Lara by the way is totally stunning. Me and my friend seen her as she arrived and even us gay boys were like Wow she is soooo beautiful. If you like the ladies too check and her other naughty site and maybe you fancy having a night with the Number one Male and the Number one Female. Give either of us a call and I’m sure we can arrange it 😛

Sexy Fun at the Awards – Those of you wondering curiously waiting for me to talk sex and I know some of you are, I can smell the sweet scent of horniness a mile off.. So did I get off with a million guys in the gay zone or join in on one of the mini orgies going on in every corner of the “chill out” room.

I had a lot of eyes on me all night and that is an understatement I was getting compliments with every turn of my wings but I was on such a high and my focus was on getting in front of every camera and chatting with everyone in the sexy crowd so I did kept the sex simple for the night.
By the end of the night I had an idea who I was bringing home so yes I did kid nap one guy, one of the volunteers after I asked the permission of one of the most amazing people I have met, the lady responsible for the whole event Tuppy Owens of course.

The moral of the story… I fucking won and I am loving it! Officially International Male Escort of the year 2011. Award Winning for my chosen profession and I am so happy. I want to thank all of you guys reading this. My clients around the world who keep me doing my thing and enjoying what I do. The guys who gain something from the service I provide, enjoying it enough to keep me staying busy, living comfortably and being recognized as being at the top of my profession.

You have to play to win and be the best at whatever you do in life, otherwise why bother doing it at all and I am very fortunate that I enjoy putting a smile on my clients faces and have the best clients keeping me right. Thanks to you guys I reach this peak in my career and I am eager to keep getting better and to grow in every thing I do… That is what this whole life thing is meant to be, right… Evolution, purpose, growth, service where your talents lay. What you put in you get back and all that 🙂

International Erotic Awards / Sexual Freedom Awards Winner
Male Escort Josh Brandon