Are you Discreet?

January 4th, 2016 Posted by No Comment yet

Yes, I have met with many high profile people on both sides of the Atlantic and from what I can see all of them are still in the closet and will remain so unless they choose otherwise. I have no interest in broadcasting other people’s business, I have had plenty of opportunities to gain publicity that way but I have very little respect for escorts who do that, with all the interviews I have done I only speak about my business and no one else’s.
My priority is providing the best service and then getting on with my day until the next time.
I will never call or txt you unless it is in reply to you contacting me or unless you have specifically said you are happy for me and want me to contact you.
Me getting rich will always be from my name and nobody else’s. It’s live and let live. Your business stays your business.

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