What Happens on an overnight?

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Usually I will start over nights at 10pm that last until the next morning, the times are your choice and not strict they can be adjusted to suit your preference. Overnights are usually 8 hours or 12 hours.
In my apartment you would arrive we would have some wine perhaps, we can get a take away or go out for a meal, if you want to visit the theater or attractions we can do that.
Usually we would head to the bedroom pretty soon after arrival for the first bedroom session either before or after a meal and drinks. If the bedroom is requirement.
We would stay in the bedroom as long as you like perhaps coming back and forth between the living room and bedroom or going out locally for drinks or theater or other activities you enjoy.
Eventually we would usually sleep a few hours and wake up to morning fun then some breakfast either home made by me or out for breakfast locally.
At your hotel or home usually starts similar with sexy fun first then drinks and a meal or the other way around. Nothing is strict and structured in a sense it varies from person to person.
What you want is essentially what I want to deliver that might be an entire night in the bedroom or it might be eating out and entertaining perhaps seeing a show or more like a date night with some fun at the end.
It is entirely up to you but the descriptions above are the most common kind of Overnight meetings.
Call or email me to speak about it and give your preferences and we can work out the arrangements.

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