Will You Dress up in My favourite outfit?

January 4th, 2016 Posted by No Comment yet

Yes I am happy to wear any outfit you have in mind. All fantasies considered without judgement and most times without surprise. Just make sure the outfit is packaged in a sealed bag, a loose piece of any clothing will not be worn. My sizes are usually XXS in Men’s and Ages: 13 – 14 in Boys. Underwear: One size, XXS or Ages: 11 – 14.

If you want to me wearing an outfit pictured on my site, ask me when booking I’ll make a note and remind me again at the time. Some outfits I have are: Foot ball kit, Alter boy costume.
Cross dressing is not my thing despite my look but I am happy to do that in our private time if that is what you enjoy.
I have a few outfits like this that clients have brought in the past, including: A Red PVC nurses outfit, a white night dress, all in one white body suit.
My measurements are on the “About Me” page. In female clothes I’m sizes 6 – 8.

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