Study of Sex Work with Loughboroug University

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Occupational Study of Sex Work – Interview with Loughborough University


My last blog talked about a research study looking in to sex work for male and transgender sex workers understanding the differences between these groups and how they (we) should be taken in to consideration for policy makers and/or support services rather than only female sex workers and escorts.


I did another research study with Jane Pitcher that looks at male and female escorts in the UK working from in door environments like homes and parlors to understand how escorting can be compared to regular service sector jobs or if the characteristics of the work differentiate it completely from other service orientated occupations… Yes I did copy and paste some of those big words!


The study was interesting because it asked about my terms of service. The working hours, pay and relationships with clients in the same way I think someone working a 9-5 would be asked those questions to get an understanding of their work.

The study is titled:  Prostitution, diversity and sex markets: an occupational study of indoor sex work in Great Britain.

Jane is an academic representative of the UKNSWP (UK Network of Sex Workers projects) and volunteer for the Terrence Higgins Trust so the research will be helpful for organizations like those to gather information to help their work. All round lovely lady and a good voice for us sexed up workaholics!


I was supposed to be meeting Jane again at the launch of the National Ugly Mugs scheme yesterday in Manchester. I had a lot of work on in the week and was trying to catch up and couldn’t make the launch. I’m about to post a blog about the Ugly Mugs project in a minute!


I will post links to publications that I think you guys might find interesting and will be helpful for other escorts.

When I have some time I do enjoy these types of interviews and who doesn’t love to talk about themselves and their work?


To find out more info on this and to see other publications Click Jane Pitcher here



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