Young Boys Caught in Action

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A young fresh and dare I say… at the time a preteen boy a few weeks out of hospital recovering after they snipped my little willy skin. Circumcised and hornier than ever weeks from the last time I was able to touch myself. I was safely tucked away in the spare bedroom of my nans house then a knock at the door it was the boy I sometimes played with and I am not talking catch or play station more like truth or dare and show and tell. He came up the stairs I heard some light foot steps rushing up to see me.

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He awoke me from my slumber. By that time we moved on from pretending to play those games as an excuse to really play the games we enjoyed. Within minutes of him entering the room I was thinking of entering him my dick was getting better and I felt it rise within my Manchester united boxer shorts as soon as he said wake up. I pulled him down to the bed to lay on top of me and we started to kiss I touched his sporty footballer butt so smooth and not a hair to interrupt my hands effortless flow over his tiny ass.


Me in the pic below a few years ago. I was Legal age (for sex anyway) I hid my face when I started escorting and can’t find the original


Get naked I said as I roughly ripped his shorts down and touched the rock hard little dick he was hiding in there. Pulled him under the covers and we started our usual routine of bump and grind kissing and touching every part of our undeveloped pre pubescent bodies. My dick by now was throbbing with excitement at the thought of going inside his hole for the first time in 6 weeks so hot and just wanting to pump his butt full of my newly discovered semen. A discovery we found together not too long before when we first released the fluid from sucking and wanking and occasional attempts at fucking we experienced many times over the last year of primary school in to the first year of comprehensive.

As we both lay on top of each other me naked under the sheets and him with only his t-shirt around his fairly toned boy body. Me getting ready to insert and exert my power over his slightly younger and ever more curious mind. Then it happened without warning my dad hardly made any sound on the stairs he knocked the door without enough force to be heard.


To this day I have no idea what he seen or what he convinced himself that he seen but the boy had enough time to move from on top of me to lay by my side. Both looking like we had a rumble under the sheets.


My dad realising that the boy had only just came up stairs and is all of a sudden under the sheets sweaty and red with heat. Hair all messed up and clothes everywhere. With me butt naked laying there looking very worried and shouting at my dad telling him he should never walk in without asking me get out.. Get out!

Caught in action without resolution without ever knowing did dad see or did he choose not to. And as for the boy we were back getting busy as soon as we knew the coast was clear…


This story as well as being for my clients… Is my entry for the EroticMeet competition click the link here and if you enjoyed this story I hope you will come back to this page Tuesday May 1st to vote for me using the Vote for Me button below!



Josh Brandon xx 



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