Younger Sexual Escapades

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  My Younger Sexual Escapades Part 1



From the beginning when I was a younger pup 11 years old when I had my first sexual experience with another boy. we went back to my house to start playing dares I already knew what I was going to dare him before we started. It was obvious we both wanted to play around in a more pleasurable way than the play station. So my go first, I dared him something like pull a moony (Translation: show me your butt) I never been the most patient boy if I want something I want it yesterday or I’ll move on in a heartbeat! So next I dared him to kiss my crotch, he quickly started playing the game the way I wanted and dared me the same things back which made it even easier & more fun… I dared him to let me kiss his dick and hold it in my mouth a few seconds. This was now officially my favourite game, I think we played it for a few months then realized the whole dares thing was slowing down the real enjoyment. We decided to get right to it and for maybe 2 or 3 years we met up in my grand parents house, his parents, down the park, in a field and anywhere in between to play around, and we oh so innocently sucked each others dicks, snogged (deep kissing) and a few times as we got to 12 and 13 years old we stuck our lil’ dicks inside each other, rimmed a little and fucked each other pretty damn good.


He was 10 at the time when I was 11 it stopped when I hit about 14 and started playing with the older boys and the same age from school my non preteen sexual experiences one that I remember as I write this one boy… We would wrestle on the bed until things got heated up to the point our trousers would mysteriously come down, was probably all the friction rubbing up and down on our tracksuit bottoms, one of us would wait to feel something getting harder then sneak a kiss or rub up in a more sensual way, we didn’t fuck each other just a bit of bump and grind but was quite sexy, that happened with another two boys around the same age. The oldest guy from back then was 28, he’d buy me gifts and want to visit me all the time but he wouldn’t go the whole way, said he can’t stick his dick in me cuz I’m too young. I wasn’t happy about that, felt like who the hell are you to refuse to slide your dick inside my butt when I tell you too, he knew I was 14 when I sucked his dick the first time so what’s the problem now. 


I told him to keep his gifts and I don’t want to see him anymore… He changed his mind pretty quick and decided he was ready to fuck me and let me fuck him but was nervous in case it hurt me, Oh well too late I replaced my phone card and deleted the dude, didn’t have the patience plus he bored me after a while, a really hairy back is too much for a 14yo to deal with. I think I slept with about 10 guys by the time I moved to London, most of them were from school, some rugby and football lads. I had maybe 40 flings with girls, but only had sex with one and messed around with a few more.


Another was when I was maybe 15, I was out with a friend walking to her house after drinking a load of cider, we bumped in to a school friend, by this time I had already left school but that’s a different story… His friend was flirting with my female friend so I was like I want some fun too, so I told the other one to kiss me I didn’t have a clue what he’d say but he did kiss me and kept kissing me the whole way up the street, he asked me to go to the park his friend and my friend would’t come and seen as I was staying in her house I didn’t get to have more fun. A year later the next time I seen him, he was engaged to a girl and sitting with her in the Chinese take away as I walked past. I waved while walking past the window and next thing he’s running up the street following me, my brother and my bro’s girlfriend. It was hilarious because he made it so obvious what he wanted, he invited himself to my brothers and was like humm I feel like a walk do you want to come. I was kinda horny so we got to back to the park after all where he sat on a bench and had me sucking his dick, he fucked me bent over the bench for a while and I went back to my bro’s.

More of my Sexual Escapades continued in Part 2


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